Start 25 , Mydrive updates Navcore, No new Europe Map available (installed is from 2012)

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Hi , i am trying to upgrade my gilfiends navsystem, since she claimed it has no gps connection (as far as i can read a lot of people have or had this issue :(

Connecting the device to mydrive it found 3 updates, i installed the navcore, and on the second run the rest.
But to my surprise is the Europe map v885 not updated, the map is from 2012 , and the device has a lifetime maps support.

The device is a BL version so it is still supported, tried all kinds of things but no newer map.
I have installed and formatted a 16 Gig SDHC card just to make sure that that is not the issue, but the download doesn't even show up in mydrive

Can anyone shed some light on this issue ?

thanks Ed