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@VikramK @Justyna @lampard

How come I can create such a ridulus profile
  • No country
  • No device

When I created the account and added the email address that required a country, it also knew which country I was in. So when I created the profile with the user name why was the country field not filled in?

So when is TomTom going do a proper data cleansing job and send out emails to all users with blank countries, starting with those who have contributed to the forum in the past month, and then send out emails each week going back month by month

More fields should be not alowed to be blank otherwise the profile ends up like this:-


  • Niall
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    Also the data cleansing exercise should look into blank devices, for users that have added to two or more topics, particularly those topics not in the "Pre-sales Questions- Product Specification & Features" section
  • VikramK
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    Although the country field has already been set to a mandatory requirement in the backend, for some reason, it's not working.

    There is a ticket that is open with our service provider to fix this.

    The data cleansing mechanism certainly is not supported for our forum. :(

    We will surely try to see if the priority for the mandatory country field bug can be raised.

    Thank you,
  • Niall
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    This seems to have raised its ugly head again , see this profil