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Account Profile - How to change Country

TeafaxTeafax Posts: 2 [Novice Seeker]
Moved from Switzerland to the USA. Can't change country in my account profile. Doesn't let me purchase a map, since Billing Adress seems to have a problem. Only possible cause would be country! No help or answer found anywhere - quite frustrating.

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  • TeafaxTeafax Posts: 2 [Novice Seeker]
    Ok this is just getting ridiculous. Called support and had someone with bad English explaining to me that they can't change the country because of GDPR regulations (European data protection law), which is not true. GDPR Data Protection actually says that companies have to make sure the information is correct! So after a "work around" with the supporter, we change my email to a dummy email, logged out, wasn't able to explain how to create a new account, got a link by email, created a new account, linked my device to MyDrive again and then... purchased the map of usa for 49.90! Here I have to say that I had the map of Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico on my device before (yes it was older Version 8. something, now its at 10. something) ! I deselected everything I could on the device (deinstall) to then install the newly purchased map, which guess what... is to big! Now it gives me the option of selecting just a part of the map 1/6 but hasn't got Wisconsin on it, at least according to the pictures! Quite the help there from TOMTOM! Guess there is no point calling that support again! Heading to the store with my device to get extra memory, WTF!
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