Wrong Speed Limits

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Hi, Anyone else throughout UK noticed Tom Tom Satnav showing incorrect speed limits, for example what use to be 60mph shows up on Nav as 60mph but marked as 50mph , this occurs in 40-30 zones also . I know there is a great thing about emissions ect but needs to be addressed in updates .


  • John-Jay
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    I've given up on TomTom, with respect to Speed Limits!

    Virtually every drive that I do, has multiple WRONG Speed-Limits!

    I have tried reporting them, but I really don't believe that TomTom takes any Notice! The last one, that I reported, was TWO YEARS ago & it still has NOT been updated!

    Bizarrely, I even driven through a Road where TomTom CORRECTLY shows a Speed Camera (set at 40mph), whilst ALSO stating that the Speed Limit was 60!
  • Peter_1956
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    Yes it is so annoying, unless you focus on street signs your in trouble if you rely on Tom Tom surely , they must be aware and even if inconclusive answer all questions are we pay for a service do we not .
  • storioi
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    I have been trying to get my Go 920 working again I dont wanjt new maps just my old reliable easy to use GPS Go 920 T to work again
  • Tregnamlop
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    Hi, even in The Netherlands the speedlimits are wrong. Since the last update. Onn the Hihgway 70 instead of 100 kmh. Anyone knows a solution?