Cannot Install Maps on my external Micro SD on GO 510

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The internal Memory on My GO 510 is full. So I bought a 32GB ScanDisk Ultra and want to install my maps on it. when I inserted it in the device it asked me to format it and if i choose to save on it maps.

Now when i connect it to My Drive and I clicked update maps it didn't use the external memory. It is still using the internal.

how can i save my maps on the external Memory card?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @ImadHaddad

    The operating software on the device is programmed to install everything onto the internal memory by default. In the case of Maps it will also install all maps and updates on the internal memory until a map or an update is too big in which case it will then look for the extra memory and use that

    You do not indicate where you are and what maps you have installed. If for example you do not have the full European map then as it is circa 9.3gb it will not fit internally so would have to seek and use the extra memory.

  • ImadHaddad
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    Thank you so much for the reply. I have Europe Map installed and when i click update it tells me there is not enough space found and doesn't give any option to move anything to the external memory. And it doesnot do that automatically. Is there a way that i can choose to move the map to external memory
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    Hi @ImadHaddad

    I assume that you selected to format the card in the device to maps?

    If You

    Tap menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap About

    If you scroll down do you see the available internal or external memory?

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    Hi all


    In first check if your micro SD is correctly installed and recognized by your device and MyDrive Connect (MDC):

    If not look here how to do for microSD card:

    If you still have the message "not enough storage place" I think you need to manually force MDC to install your map on the microSD. Try this:
    - In the window MDC with 3 choices, choose the 1st "Remove some unused content".
    - A new window. In the right part choose the tab "On your memory card".
    In the left part "On your Account" click on the EU map or under the EU map on the choice "Select a map with limited buildings", select the zone you want, and click on "Continue".
    - In "On your Account" click on the EU map to select it then on the arrow "install 1 item".
    - Now click on "Continue" then "Confirm" then "Agree and Install".
    - Download starts.

    I hope it will work for you.
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    I have a similar issue and followed your advice but it will not let me remove the current corrupted map as it states that 'You need a map on your device to continue you need to install at least one map' but I cannot as there is not enough space on the device
    Why cannot I uninstall the corrupted map?
    What would happen if I re-formated the supplied memory card?