No traffic data connection anymore?

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For the last 6 days I have not received any traffic data anymore in my TT Go Navigation app. I see the satellite icon in the top searching every 2-3 seconds, but it seems it can't connect anymore whether I'm using wifi or 4G. Checked the following:
  • Traffic services is enabled
  • License valid till 18-04-2020 (unlimited navigation)
  • TomTom Go is allowed to use the location of the phone
  • TomTom Go is allowed to use data via the 4G connection

Any tips would be useful, thanks!


  • lampard
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    Hi @ArjanZeeman

    Sorry about my late reply! We've not seen such reports so far but can you please reinstall the App on your iPhone and see if this works?

    After you uninstall the app, reset your iPhone before installing again by holding down the "Home" and "Power" buttons together until the Apple Logo appears on the screen. (This does not wipe the device but apparently makes it shut down and restart)

    Regards, lampard