[Suggestion] HUD in app.

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At the beginning I want to say that I love Your application and it has never let me down on my long trips.
I tested other navigation applications and in my opinion Your application can only be match for Google Maps (downside for me is online maps). However, in several applications I noticed a very useful (especially at night) function. It's about the so-called HUD.
I think that for You as long-time activists in the GPS industry this term is well known.
I believe that such an option in the application (activated in the menu or using the button on the main screen) would be very beneficial for other users, and certainly would increase security.
I see this add-on like this:


- black background;
On the left from the top:
- any delay (yellow),
- below: possible road events (road works, traffic jam, accident etc).
- remaining route time,
- the remaining number of kilometers,
Middle from above:
- distance to the next instruction (i.e. until the next exit),
- route instructions, the first one is bright green, the next one a bit darker.
On the right from the top:
- current time,
- current speed limit,
- vehicle speed (good speed in white, above the speed limit - red).

Of course, You can add the option of editing these options by the user, as well as: the brightness of the screen, the mirror image button (to make image on the car window look "normal").

I hope that You and other users will accepted my suggestion.

Best regards.