Missing gas stops - rider 550

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I created an 1100 mile loop for an Iron Butt Assn. Saddlesore 1000 ride (1000 mi in 24 hr). I was pleasantly surprised to see much of the route dropped into place. I got the GPX into my 550 as a track (boo!!! should be a route - what was TT thinking??). Looking at the route/track, there are exactly two gas stops and 4-5 work sites or lane closures, all within 50-60 miles of the route start. Why is that???

My bike as reasonably long legs, finding gas stops along an 1100 mile kinda like, you know, matter!

The route is a loop that I shaped into the overall plan by dragging the short route into longer and longer stretches (very roughly Philadelphia, south to Raleigh-Durham, west to Winston-Salem, north along the Blue Ridge (Appalachians) bending east to Allentown, PA and south to home). The big trick was picking a starting point that forced the route to run clockwise around the loop. Figuring a 7PM departure, that brings me past Baltimore, Washington DC, and Richmond outside of rush hour. By the time I reach the Harrisburg, PA region, I'm again outside of rush traffic. Going counter clockwise would bring me into high traffic areas, slowing my average speed. Done right, the trip should take 17-20 hours.