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Hi I have uploaded a poi file of1.9mbs to my device using the we portal mydrive. All looks good and the file appears in the list on the device. When searching the file says no poi. I have downloaded from mydrive and opened and all data is there. I have also compared with another poi file that is same sort of siz and looks the same any advice would be great.


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    Are the POI Categories transferred from an older Tomtom device or maybe a Website ofering older POI Categories... Some POI files that worked on the older Tomtom models do not show on the latest NAV4 devices
    If you Load and then Save the POI file to/from the online POI editor...
    As far as I'm aware it changes/updates the POI file header

    Also, try loading the file into Softops POI editor... If it's an iffy file it usually won't load
    the free version of Softops POI editor
    Download SoftTop Tomtom POI Editor to a folder on your desktop; open the folder and un-zip the file.
    My Dropbox account... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/przt4eetzpp4oqf/AAB6X7RjTBilT-xH3p85p0X2a?dl=0
    File checked virus free....
    Using Avast Virus Check & Malware Bytes Virus Check

    Note...I think the development SoftTop POI editor has stopped as you can no longer access Google Earth or Maps from within the program and the author does not reply to Email

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    You can check the poi file with POIEdit.