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Navigation problems

chrisocschrisocs Posts: 10 [Master Explorer]
When using the navigation in big cities (such as Brussels or Antwerp) navigation does not show the quickest way (as asked in setup). Very often when using another path then teh indicated (staying on the highway in stead of taking the exist) IMMEDDIATELY gives an earlier arrival then before. This means that the route calculation IS WRONG. While traffic prob, navigation sends much to easy the route TROUGH the city (where all traffic is the standing still)


  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 726 [Revered Pioneer]
    Some roads have more resistance. These are smaller roads when TomTom sends people over this route you will get local traffic jams quickly. (In the past you were albe to see this when you zoon in on this road in MyDrive dots on the road appeared)

    So yes is will be faster when you take this road but only if most people stays on the highway.

    Here I se this happening all the time when TomTom shows a faster alternative during a traffic jam 6 minutes later the alternative is jammed to.
  • chrisocschrisocs Posts: 10 [Master Explorer]
    A highway (E19 brussels->antwerp) is not a "smaller" road. Tomtom Navigation sais to leave it to use the exit and secondary roads, but continuing on the E19, IMMEDIATELY the ETA is reduced with 20 minutes?
  • chrisocschrisocs Posts: 10 [Master Explorer]
    zooming in of a "rider" when on the highway?
    And this is not an answer how the ETA is reduced IMMEDIATELY, thus based on known figures, when not using the proposed local road?
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