%s Still Showing by Exit Number

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Good Evening,

Years (4+ years) I posted an issue where, the app was showing a %s when it was displaying an exit number.

Now running the following version:
App Version: 118 release/1.18 (2168)
Map Version: 1035.9964 (USA Canada and Mexico)
App: TomTom GO for Android
OS: Android OS Version 9
Device: SM-G950W (Samsung Galaxy S8)
System Language: English (Canada)

Details of Problem: When navigating, all exits show %s.

Steps to Reproduce:
- Generate a route using a highway with exit numbers.
- Either look run a route preview OR "Show Instructions" OR drive route.

Attached. You'll note the %s on Exit 106 - Dundas St on Hwy 403.


I've reported this before but it still hasn't been fixed.

Thank you,

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