How to make TomTom work after 3 years of free subscription?

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I purchased TomTom app for iPhone with lifetime support of maps etc. a few years ago.

In 2016 I got a message that this app is end of life, and it was suggested to install a new TomTom GO with 3 years free subscription. I installed TomTom GO, this free subscription was over in May 2019.
Now I want to extend or purchase a new subscription. However, the application doesn't allow me to do that. I have 75 km free daily and "Renew" option, but after selecting "renew" I receive a message "you don't have anything to renew".

What is surprising, that I paid for app. with lifetime support, but now I have nothing working on my iPhone.

Please, advice how to proceed in order to get my TomTom GO working.

Thank you very much.

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