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Map corruption

My Go5000 maps appear to keep getting some sort of corruption. It shows a lot of extra roads all seemingly from completely different regions all overlaid on top of each other.

The unit also then keeps shutting down, or if trying to navigate to a postcode displays 'Internal Search Error'

The map is installed to an SD card. I have reinstalled once, but the problem has now come back again.

See images below for an example of the corruption. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?



  • John-JayJohn-Jay Posts: 695 [Revered Pioneer]
    Sorry, don't have an answer!

    However, I would suggest that you do a Drum-Roll reset. This is where you press & hold the On/Off Button, until it starts to switch back on & you hear a "Drum-Roll"! That has been known to clear up some "quirks"!

    What Maps have you got installed & are they internal to the Device or are they on the SD Card?

    What size & what make is your SD Card?

  • Mark_GMark_G Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks for the reply John-Jay

    I had tried the reset several times, which would solve the problem for the short term (a day or so), but it would then come back.

    The SD card is a Kingston 16GB card, class 10. I had the maps installed on there, as the map file was too large for the internal storage when I updated. I was using the full Europe Map with buildings.

    I have now updated maps again, and this time found there was a file small enough to fit back on the internal memory (Europe Western Zone) so I have removed the SD card and so far seems to be going ok.
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