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Comment/Statement about Start 20

Not a comment as such - more of a statement....
My original expensive satnav was scrapped because it was no longer supported.despite working properly. I purchased a new unit with lifetime support and then find it is, again, no longer supported. That strikes me as selling under false pretenses.
I will not buy another TomTom, but instead use apps like Google Maps, or Wayz rather than be ripped off with the promise of further lifetime support.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,887
    Hi @derek31a

    TomTom are still honouring lifetime map updates even for units that have been declared obsolete.

    What Tomtom models are you talking about and what makes you think the lifetime updates are no longer being honoured.


    I am a customer just like you as are the majority of contributors on this forum which is hosted by Tomtom.
  • derek31aderek31a Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Mine is a Start 20 and according to the published list is no longer supported. This might explain why for the last 2 weeks the upgrade website has been "extremely busy" and to try again later. I've tried later numerous times and always get the same message.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,887
    Hi @derek31a

    If your unit was sold with Lifetime updates then it is still being honoured although you will not get Software updates or phone support from Tomtom. They recommend you use this website to help sort out your problems.


    Have a look at some of the other questions posted on here and you will find ideas to help you if you keep getting the system is busy message. Try putting that message in the search box at the top and you should see some useful information.

    You are likely to be advised to delete the software from your PC and reload but read them first.

  • derek31aderek31a Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
    My unit starts with AY60, and it was a replacement for a 720 unit. I've already re-installed Mydrive which made no difference!
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    edited October 2019

    The NAV4 Devices were launched around April 2013
    The NAV3 Devices have been out of production for many years
    When I purchased my GO Live 825 back in June 2013, there was a Reduced Price offer plus Lifetime Maps (Tomtom was selling off the remaining NAV3 stock)
    The Life time maps offer was a small Tomtom flyer taped to the box, on the flyer was the details of the offer and the registration code number
    I kept the Sales Receipt + the Lifetime Maps flyer
    If by any chance Tomtom had no record of the purchase of the device or the Lifetime Map offer, I have proof of both... To get Lifetime Maps I had to register the device within 30 days on a Registration page on Tomtom Web Site....

    Did you actually try using the Revo Installer... Revo first un-installs the Program... Then scans and removes all of the left over files a normal un-install leaves behind

    If your device Does Have Lifetime Maps
    Re... Eol End of life Devices
    Devices with lifetime maps are not affected

    See... Find the model of your navigation device and what software it uses

    Devices with lifetime maps are not affected
    Tomtom have already stated that Lifetime Maps and any Existing Map Subscriptions will be honoured

    See VikramK Post (TomTom Staff) Here....

    Quote from the above Link....
    However, you will not be able to order Services(LIVE and Speed cameras) purchase new maps for other regions on the TomTom webshop
    End Quote....

    If you have Lifetime Maps or an existing Map Subscriptions
    Call Tomtom Support....

    When calling....
    Tomtom are monitoring Eol support by an Auto Response System
    When prompted DO NOT provide your Tomtom model information, wait for a live agent to respond

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