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Traffic services down for several months now

spammeringspammering Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
Device says: "Traffic: Service niet beschikbaar"
when (if) will this be solved ? I payed for it !


  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 707 [Revered Pioneer]
    Traffic: Service is working here. I use it almost every day.

    I also live in The Netherlands. Is the connection with your phone in working order?
  • spammeringspammering Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    The problem is solved. There was a mismatch between the account in my GO-device and my TOMTOM account . . . Silly thing was many services continued to function, only the Traffic Information did not . . . I had to reset the system. There is no other possibility to alter your accountname in the GO-device.
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