Hands-Free calling on GO Essential

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Hi, I have a tomtom go essential which I have linked to my Samsung S8. On trying the hands free call feature I activate phone via voice command and I get a small pop up saying speak after the tone but there is no tone and I have to manually open the contacts page, I do not consider that to be hands free when I have to manually open contacts and search contacts. Why is this happening?


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    I have a Go Essential paired with a Samsung S7 Edge. When I try to make a hands free call I activate the phone with voice control. A pop-up appears telling me to speak after the tone - no tone and after about 3 or 4 seconds the screen goes back to the main navigation page. I used to be able to make hands free calls when I bought it about 5 month ago but in the last 2 or 3 months it seems something has changed (presumably something software related?).
    I have unpaired my phone and device, turned them both off and back on again, re-paired phone and device - still not working. I have repeated this also with removing mydrive from my phone - still not working. I have repeated this with the addition of doing a device reset from the system menu and reinstalled everything - still not working!
    I'm rapidly losing the will to live...... any more thoughts on this please?
    Possibly related, although I think this is a different issue - my device tells me that it is unable to connect for "Data for Traffic & Other Services" although I have this turned on.

    TomTom support - if you ever read this - what help can you offer please?
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    I have same problem, no tone then nothing