New Nissan 2019 Murano maps are incomplete! Dealer says my maps are up to date?

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I had a 2015 Murano for four years and the maps were great. New car maps for this area (Ocala, Florida) are almost useless. Many of the secondary roads are incomplete or missing altogether. We had to use Google Maps to find a store! Obviously Nissan changed its map provider. Why are TomToms maps so lousy?


  • lampard
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    Hi @R4boat

    Welcome to the Community! Unfortunately, the map data for the Nissan models is powered by TomTom but we don't provide support for this. For more information, contact your car dealer.

    Regards, lampard
  • R4boat
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    I understand you don't provide support for the various autos. However, it's TomTom's maps that are incomplete! The dealer says I have the latest version of map data, which is very lacking to say the least. Very disappointed In TomTom.