App won't show despite saying it's installed.

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I've been using the Go Mobile App on various devices (Android Phone, two Android Tablets, one ipad).
One of the Android Tablets (Samsung SM-T113) got some moisture in it on a Bike trip.
I dried it out, and then had to reset everything to factory setting, and re-install the basic programs.
Now I can't get Go Mobile to show up, despite it showing as installed (after downloading) on my Google account.

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    Thanks Lampard.

    No trace of the App to uninstall.

    Cleared the Cache for Google Play Store & Services.
    No TomTom Folders in Internal Memory or SD Card.
    No option for 'Automatic' Time Setting.
    Restarted the Tablet.

    TomTom Go (or Go Mobile) doesn't show in Play Store if I search directly, but if I go in via the TomTom website, and select 'Get it on Google Play', it comes up!

    Re-installed now, and working again, so thanks again.