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I want to use my 3 year subscription

WateengedoeomsupportWateengedoeomsupport Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
Because I bought the iPhone app for TomTom at the time, I received an offer for 3 years free use of TomTom GO Mobile. I want to use it now, but I don't get it activated. Contacting TomTom is not possible. My devices and apps are not listed on the Contact page and I cannot add them. An e-mail address is not shown. I can only use Facebook and Twitter. I don't have either. What now?


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  • Arne1Arne1 Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
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    I just tried to call TomTom. Most customer support phone numbers are closed/dead.

    After trying 3 different phone numbers, I got connected to someone that was rude and asked me why I would activate my '3 Years Unlimited use of TomTom' after all this time. It was clearly more than 3 years ago, or something along those lines.

    TomTom is simply refusing to activate my 3 year subscription. I also didn't receive a response to an e-mail I send them via the support form (191029-xxxxxx). I have an in-app purchase transaction id for the activation through the old TomTom app:


    What's going on?

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    Hi @Arne1

    Sorry to hear about this! I've sent you a personal message, please have a look and reply there.

    Regards, lampard

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