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Start 25 - no maps found

Been 17 months since i updated. Connected to mydrive to update and now 'no maps found'. Must have tried 10 times today and have uninstalled and selected a smaller map but no success.
Says plenty of memory space so should this be an issue?
device - 4EN52 Z1230 Serial number starts BQ.
I understand it to be a start 25 could it be a 20?

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  • ath007ath007 Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Thank you for your reply Sir I have watched the video and will give it a shot.
    Went to my drive....selected map...went to uninstall and before i could hit the uninstall it went into an update! Will persevere.
  • ath007ath007 Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Sorted now and my stupidity i fear was to blame.
    I had been downloading straight to the satnav and not to the computer!
    When selecting the MyDrive connect icon - windows notification area, (right click), settings, i noticed 'download updates on my computer(recommended) was unchecked as was the 'prevent computer from turning off while updating'. I selected them and began a download of W. Europe v10.35.
    All went well then on the satnav a message 'you cannot use this map on this device Western_Europe - 102062.
    As per the video i did another uninstall, empty download folder(which i could now select!), save settings - mydrive icon, quit.
    Went to mydrive connect, my content, my maps, install.
    Job done.
    Douglap ty.
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