Language & volume changed during a journey

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Hello all,
I did search for similar stories but found nothing. Please do feel free to point me in the right direction if I'm in the wrong place!
During a journey today my Via 62 spontaneously switched from English (UK) to a language I didn't recognise. The volume also dropped very low, to the point where I didn't realise the device has given an instruction. We listened carefully and realised that TomTom was babbling at length, not just "take X in 5 miles".
After about 20-30 miles it thankfully switched back into English and the volume returned to normal.
I'm a little wary of trusting the device now especially if I'm without a "co-pilot" and on unfamiliar streets. Has anyone else encountered this?


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    Hi @Catbutter

    Welcome to the community!

    I haven't seen any reports recently..

    Are you on the latest firmware version?

    I would recommend that you start with the factory reset and monitor the performance in the upcoming days.

    Main menu-Settings-System-Reset device.

    Vikram :)