TomTom Golfer 2 refuses to sync

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TomTom Golfer 2 SE
Has ceased to sync with app with Sports App on Android (on v8 and also on v9 when phone OS updated) .

Have unpaired / paired multiple times. No effect.

Have reinstalled and updated app. No effect.

Have attempted multiple factory resets. No effect and all previous data is present. So gives the appearance that the reset has not worked.

Reset procedure as prescribed.
Connect appears to be updating the watch with courses etc. No effect after Connect has completed.

Any ideas as to how to resolve this or do I now have two mostly useless TomTom watches. (Golfer 1 with its irreplaceable battery that lasts under around now and Golfer 2 that now just behaves like a Golfer 1).

Thanks in advance


  • lampard
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    Hi @engtomtom

    Welcome to the Community! Can you try re-installing the Sports App again on your Smartphone? But this time, please remove/delete the 'TomTom_MySports' folder from the internal storage of your device as well.

    Once this is done, pair the device again from scratch by resetting the connections and removing the existing Bluetooth connections from your smartphone, see here: Android

    Hope this helps!

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    @lampard @engtomtom
    I have the same problem with my Golfer2. The last round it synched to my phone (Android 9) was end of August. All rounds after that don't appear on the phone. They are visible on the watch, however.

    I followed your instructions, but they don't help. My old rounds even show up as soon as I reinstall the app, so they must be stored in another folder than 'TomTom_MySports', because that folder was really deleted before the reinstall.

    Please help me resolve this, because it renders the phone useless.
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    @JozefK Your last connection to our servers was with the Sports Connect desktop app. Rounds can only be uploaded using the Sports mobile app.
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    I have this issue. Not clear whether any of the above have managed to get their watch going properly again. Can someone help. I have tried all the suggestions also.