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How do I see my distance along a route?

I've created a roughly 500 mile route, now I want to search for gas stations along that route every 100 or so miles. How can I find the 100, 200, 300 etc... mileages along the route? I was hoping when I selected an POI or Gas station along the route it would calculate the distance from start for me on the fly which would make it easy.


  • harrryballharrryball Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Seriously, how do I see my total distance accumulated at any point along the route? I found it in Basecamp (Garmin's archaic tool) in about 2 minutes, but still looking in MyDrive for this simple feature.
  • harrryballharrryball Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Well, this is a big deal so I have cancelled my order of a Rider 550 until I resolve this issue. It would never have occurred to me such a simple feature would be missing. Being able to plan and load a route is a major reason I'm going with a separate GPS device. I see clearly how the Garmin 396 can do it but much prefer the look and smoothness of the Rider 550, but if it can't help me plan my route and fuel stops along the way it's going to do nothing but tick me off every time I go to plan a route.

    If it can do it, someone please tell me how and I'll order it again. Otherwise, I'm pulling the trigger on the Garmin unit some time tomorrow.
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    Hi @harryball

    I expect the Rider units, I do not have one, work on the same basis as the car units where you would do the following.

    On the Car units you create a route and once you have done that

    Tap Menu
    Tap Search
    Tap Whole Map (Top right) and select Along the Route

    Now type Petrol Stations at the top and then you will see directly under where you have typed there are 2 columns. The righthand column will have Petrol Station showing which if you Tap then changes to a list of Petrol Stations along the Route. You can scroll down the list and select the stations you might want to stop at. It should be noted that the mileage stated is the exact distance to the petrol station in a straight line not by road. When you select a station it appears on the map and if you tap on it and then Tap the 3 vertical dots you have an option to add it to the route. Doing this you can add Stops on the route.

    On the car units you can also set the Unit to show the distance to the next Stop or the End of the journey.

  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 699 [Revered Pioneer]
    Yes the menu has the Gas Stations option to show Gas Stations "Near me", "In a town or city", "Along the Route", "Near Destination" or near a Latitude Longitude.

    But most important Gas Stations a visible in the Route Bar.
    Here you also see the distance to the first listing.

    I never plan my fuel stops and just use the Gas Stations along the road. When fuel goes low I use the Gas Stations option.
  • harrryballharrryball Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Not talking about the unit itself, using the mydrive trip planner.

    When I plan a route at my PC, each Day leg will be about 350 to 450 miles. I calculate that route. Then, I go along that route and alter it for roads, attractions etc... Then, about every 100 miles along the route I locate and select a refueling/rest break location if one is needed or at least VERIFY something exists there. I need to know the distance from start to my first waypoint, then second waypoint etc... I see no way to do this using the mydrive trip planner except, I guess, to grab a calculator and start adding up the mileages along the route as I go.

    How do I tell how far any given point along my route is from the start of the route? Have you not ever looked at a route and thought, hmm, I see this town, I wonder if I have enough fuel to make it there, let's see how far is this town along my route, 87 miles, yeah, I'm good to go. OR 135 miles... I better not push it that far?

    I don't know how you guys ride, but on one leg we ride often the next fuel stop is 40 miles away. Decide to skip the first one, you'll be walking to the second one. I prefer to plan them out ahead of time, I can always change on the fly. That's the purpose of a trip planner. I see no way MyDrive can give me that information.

  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 699 [Revered Pioneer]
    Yes really I do not plan Gas stops in my routes. All Gas stations within 50km are on the Route Bar. This year only two trips this could be a problem. The first time the Gas Stations option showed an option just 2km from my current location. The second time it was 4km.

    But I am aware it is easy to find gas stations in the area’s I am driving most of the time. (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg.)

    Only when I plan a group ride I do also plan lunch and Gas station Stops. In this case MyDrive is not the best Route planner because you also want to be able to test your route on other maps like Here, Google and OSM.

    And here we have your solution Mydrive doesn’t have this option but there are many more route planners that you can use;

    Just A small list of route planners you can use;
    • Tyre (now open source but needs a personal Google API Key)
    • BaseCamp (free if you use the OSM maps)
    • (Route planning functions are free)
    • (free)
    • (free 2 week trail and free basic version. I use the payed Gold version)

    I know MyRoute-app has all the functions you are asking for. MRA has also an option to send your Route directly as track to the Rider. In my opinion this is the most complete route planner on the market. For simple routes I use MyDrive and sometimes I experiment with all the options above, up to now MRA is my personal favourite.
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