How to add an intermediate destination?

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When enroute I sometimes need to add another stop mid-trip. How can I insert an intermediate destination and have the GO comfort treat it as a way point prior to the final destination? (I've tried Routes, but that function is very rigid, requiring you to start at the beginning location regardless of where you are, without an option to make your current different location the starting point instead.) Would like this to work with MyDrive also.

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  • DougLap
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    Hi @marwalk

    There is more than one way.

    If during a journey you

    Tap Menu
    Tap Search
    Input the details to identify a place
    Tap the result of search required

    The first screen you get shows the position on the map with a menu with Drive at the end. If you tap the 3 vertical dots next to drive a sub menu appears with an option to add to current route.

    Or you can Press and hold a spot on the map until an icon appears. If you tap the icon you get a similar submenu with the Add to Route Option.

    You can also go to My Places and select one of your saved positions and again when the position appears on the map look for the sub menu.

    You can also search any POI files you have loaded and again when the place appears on the map look for the submenu

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks, Doug. This makes sense. Is it possible to do this with the MyDrive app also?
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    Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to do that in the MyDrive app.
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    Hi, Doug. Thank you for your (and the others') answers on everything. I proved out the My Places searching on my TomTom GO COMFORT. Adding that ability to the MyDrive app should be a feature request, possibly by syncing with the Current Route functionality on the TomTom.

    I'd discovered that the TomTom device needs to be logged into my TomTom account to be able to "send" a destination from the MyDrive app to the device, even when the phone and TomTom are linked together via Bluetooth. Apparently the MyDrive app communicates to my web account via the phone's 4G (as I have the phone in access point mode to serve WiFi to the TomTom), and the TomTom gets its "send" from MyDrive through the Internet (out from the phone on 4G and back in through the phone on 4G and then through WiFi from the phone to the TomTom). When the TomTom is sleeping and the phone is no longer in the car serving it WiFi, perhaps the TomTom's web session terminates due to lack of connection (if so, I appreciate the security measures). I discovered a quick way to check whether the TomTom is logged in to my account is to press the Menu button and then the status bar at the top of the screen that includes the cloud icon.

    I've had a less than functional experience so far with the My Routes function. But next week I plan to try the Record Route feature, to try setting a route that I know is reliable from on the ground experience with it.

    Many thanks for your answers, and if there is anything I've stated that is incorrect or can be said more clearly, I'd greatly welcome the further information.