Go620 WiFi doesn't see software updates

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My Go620 Wifi doesn't see the software updates posted for months at a time.

Unit was repaired by TomTom in Australia but has base software as Go 620 Professional, TomTom changed the profile of the device to a Go620 Wifi so that i would get the lifetime traffic and speed camera data that the Go620 Professional doesn't get for free.

Since this was returned in this hybrid state it doesn't get the NavCore updates when connected to Wifi??

My partners Go620 Wifi is at v19.2 updated the other day but mine is stuck at v19.0.

I've done factory resets and base system downloads from the Bios screen and it stays the same until about 6-7 months after updates then picks up the next one but not the latest.

@lampard @VikramK is this normal update process to hold devices back??


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    Hi @PRPhoto

    Could you send me the serial number of your device through a private message please?