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Can maps update automatically when connected to wifi, without having to open the app and do it manually?

I just scrolled down from my usual selection of "Search" to discover I had 23 out of date maps.

It's a bit clunky if I have to open the app, weekly, just to keep it up to date!

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  • ianmetz
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    Thanks for that @lampard

    If suggestions are in order... I would personally find it very useful to have access to Route Planning from the navigation screen (like Cancel Route was added a while ago, which saved a load of faffing about).

    The reason - I frequently drive in the USA and Europe where Toll Roads are common, and it would be SO useful to be able to choose to use them or not from the navigation screen.

    It would work fine if it was just a shortcut to the Route Planning screen, which would save delving and scrolling for some commonly used features.

  • lampard
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    Thank you @ianmetz ! :) I'll send this as well.

  • GeoffShep
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    Would it be possible to have a more obvious notification of map updates. At the moment I am not aware of updates unless I go into the menu, and only then if I scroll down as far as ‘maps’
  • ianmetz
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    My original comment requested updates be installed automatically in the background, when connected to Wi-Fi. At very least an Update Maps Now button would help. With 27 maps, it’s all a bit of a faff. (There were much fewer maps when entire continents could be downloaded with one tap!)
  • sixhundred
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    Apprentice Seeker add, a notification of map updates on the iPhone would be a huge bonus. A banner or some other kind of notice. It would be great if the TomTom icon had a number bubble added to show updates are available?
    Would be a slicker experience than manually checking for updated maps.