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Over the last month, my Go 1005 has planned my normal route to & from work using a couple of toll roads/bridges (including the M6 Toll). At peak times I use the tolls as it's the quickest way, but off-peak I chose not to.

So I set TomTom off and it tells me there are tolls on the route and do I want to use them. I say no, and off it goes. As I approach the M6/M6 Toll split the routing keeps me heading towards the toll road, so I ignore this.

There's a couple of strange things happening here: 1) it ignores my preference to avoid the tolls (until I've cancelled & re-routed a couple of times); 2) the route preview doesn't list the M6 Toll - just says M6 when the route map clearly shows it's using the M6 Toll.


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    Just a thought....
    Your UK NAV3 GO 1005 is a Live device... Is it set to "Ask You" before re-routeing for a faster alternate route , If "Yes" See bellow :-

    This is a long-standing unresolved Tomtom bug. It affects all prompted avoidances of traffic jams on routes involving the instruction to avoid tolls, carpool, etc....
    If you configure your Tomtom to "Always switch to that route", then after a traffic reroute, the routing will still honour the avoidance of tolls, carpool, etc.....

    The problem is with prompted avoidances.
    If you configure your Tomtom to "Ask me if I want that route", then if you were prompted, and you chose the faster route.
    When the unit is calculating the new route it will ignore your initial instruction to avoid tolls, carpool, etc.....

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    Thanks, but this is just during the initial routing set-up.

    I turn it on; select destination; it pops up asking me if I want to use/avoid tolls and I say avoid; it then routes using tolls whilst simultaneously omitting the specific names in the route instructions (route summary definitely shows it using the tolls but the text instructions say M6 instead of M6 Toll).

    Only started happening in the last couple of months, so not sure what Tomtom have done.

    Maybe this is another ploy to 'force' me to upgrade to one of their feature-inferior newer products? But my next 'upgrade' will be to simply use Waze/Google/Apple maps.