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Since getting my new unit, the Premium X, I've been trying to use it as much as possible to get to grips with the new layout etc. I've noticed that there have been several occasions where either incorrect speed limit or missing speed camera locations have occurred. I was travelling along a road yesterday which has had average speed cameras for the last year and stretch over about 10 miles (evo triangle, N Wales) and it only picked up half the cameras so stopped recording my average speed.
I know I can report a speed camera location but it doesn't give you an option to say what type of camera it is and speed limit and whether its an average speed camera. It's also got my home street name wrong which is rather silly as it was ok on my old 920 unit
So, is there another way of reporting these things to Tomtom in a way you can explain in a bit more detail and when would they do an update with the new information? Do they look at all reportings and sent people out to check etc?
Thanks for who can help