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I have a Go 910 purchased December 2010. I find it has reached the end of it's useful life, cannot update maps etc. Realising I will need to replace it my wife went to Ebay.
I am concerned to see there are a number of GO910 offered for sale, from prices ranging between £10 to 299.

I have spoken to Ebay as it appears unethical for them to allow people to offload devices which are arguably obsolete and contain information about road safety issues which may be unsafe.

They have not responded and I would be interested to hear your response which may reflect adversely on your reputation which is why I purchased my device 9 years ago.


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    Hi @Jonty1945

    Some TomTom retailers operate eBay shops, selling new or refurbished TomTom products with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

    However, there are many individual vendors who are selling their own TomTom devices and software, therefore rendering them second hand.

    Naturally, these devices do not come with a warranty, no matter what is stated in the item description and unfortunately, do not have any control.

    If the device looks in a good condition but falls under the EOL category then I would highly recommend that you don't purchase it.