Where do the Go voices Go go when they take your cash?

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Having purchased a voice for the GO50... I find I doesn't appear in the MyTom updates... no such problems taking the cash tho.

So the Tom mydrive connect updates section empty... as does my account.

It appears I'm not alone.....

Also the instruction email sent with the completed order has links for instructions to a NULL page.
So none the wiser...


  • lampard
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    Hello @gpmcgill

    Welcome to the Community! I see that the 'John Cleese' voice which you purchased is already active on your account and installed on the device. Select it on your device by tapping Settings > Voices > Change voice and then tap the voice.

    Regards, lampard
  • gpmcgill
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    It appears in MyDrive Connect as a 1kB MTR (seems really tiny compared to the others) ...and even tho device is updated it doesn't appear on the list