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I am using TomTom Go with a yearly subscription on my android phone.
I am thinking about switching to Iphone for my new phone. But can I install the TomTom Go on my new Iphone with thesame subscription or do I have to pay for a new second subscription ?


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    Some update.
    It looks like the TomTom support team also doesn't know the solution. Because 2 different people say different things. Via the website chat I got this answer : "You have to purchase a new subscription as Android and Iphone contains their own protocol for the services"
    And on FB messenger they gave me this answer : " If you install the TomTom app on the new iPhone, when you set it up you will need to sign in to your TomTom account. Any subscription on your account will transfer across."
    So please... anybody... who can give me an answer ?
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    The answer from the chat is correct. On iPhone the subscription is handled by Apple which makes a transfer impossible.

    I'll check who replied to you on Facebook. That answer would have applied before we moved to rolling subscriptions handled by Apple. Sorry about this!