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I've tried searching the forum for the answer but can't see anything related, so, my old, sorry, ancient G0 720 had an option where you could take a picture of your car and add it to your device to replace the usual arrow.
Is it possible for the latest high spec version , the GO Premium X to add a picture and change the icon?
Hope someone can assist,
Thanks everyone


  • Niall
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    Sorry to say but the TomTom analyst who specified these new devices did not think it necessary for the user to personalise them:(
    So no personal:- sounds, colour schemes, Poi identifiers, vehicle identifiers
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    Thanks for y our prompt reply, that's a big was just a nice touch having your own car on the screen, simple but I liked it.
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    Agree with you! I had it on my GO730 and GO1005, it was nice!
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