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My existing Speed Camera did not expire till 27th November. Why isn't the new sub I bought yesterday started from the current subscription finish date.
1) Website was offering discount but website says discount voucher had already been used.
2) I will be touring with international visitors from Mid November to Mid December so was attempting to add to my sub.
3) The sub I bought yesterday was $54.95 for 1 year. The same price I paid last time for 18 months?
4) Very frustrated with web site....would rather have a conversation with a person who could answer my questions in 5 minutes.


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    Hi @Thomas_43

    I renewed the Speed Cameras subscription of my Start25 (EU device) two weeks ago. The subscription has been added to the remaining time and I could have the discount offered by TomTom in the software MyDrive Connect (MDC).

    I also got the message "The voucher is already in your basket" but it worked for me. This happens if we click twice on the purchase of the same service.
    The discount codes are not the same from one year to another and a code offered through the MDC software may not work for a direct purchase on the website.
    The serial number of the device must be entered/ticked before the means of payment to link the service with the device even if you have only one device.

    Maybe there was a problem during your purchase, contact customer service directly to sort your account and ask what can be done for the discount code that you could not use.
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