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Is anyone else consistently guided onto B roads ?

silvergbsilvergb Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
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Is anyone else consistantly guided onto B roads irrespective of the route. Yesterday travelling from Narbeth in West Wales to Newport Gwent I was able to enjoy 22 miles of little more than farm tracks ,some with grass growing in the middle. Only after turning the crap machine off was I able to eventually find the correct route, the A40 and M4 , not, you would agree small roads. Just a thought but has anyone ever managed to return their pile of poo and got their hard-earned back?


  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 702 [Revered Pioneer]
    Which route preferences are you using?
    Avoid Tol roads can be a reason.
    Winding Routes wel send you to B roads. (Many drivers use this option on there motorcycles)
    Adventures routes will also send you to the B roads (this is improved Winding Routes)

    Extreme traffic jams and fastest route will find the faster alternatives. This can also be B roads
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 545 [Exalted Navigator]
    silvergb wrote: »
    Is anyone else consistantly guided onto B roads irrespective of the route. Yesterday travelling from Narbeth in West Wales to Newport Gwent I was able to enjoy 22 miles of little more than farm tracks ,some with grass growing in the middle. Only after turning the crap machine off was I able to eventually find the correct route, the A40 and M4 , not, you would agree small roads. Just a thought but has anyone ever managed to return their pile of poo and got their hard-earned back?

    I don't understand your comments. I've yet to come across a B road with grass growing down the middle. Unclassified roads yes, but not B roads. Can you give an example of where such roads are located so that we can take a look on Google street view?
  • rayhopleyrayhopley Posts: 43 [Master Explorer]
    have you got avoid motorways set on the sat nav or is the shortest route selected and not fastest route
  • José1951José1951 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]

    I have a similar situation with my TT go premium x. It often sends me on tight roads where I get tired and lose time. I use the following options:
    fastest route; avoid unpaved roads and avoid tolls.
  • José1951José1951 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    My tt looks like this:

    installed map : iberian

    Plan routes
    When a faster route is available:
    always choose the fastest route

    Always plan this type of route:
    fastest route

    Avoid on all routes:
    unpaved roads.

    Thank you
  • Jason56hendyJason56hendy Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    @silvergb I understand your grievance about inaccurate map directions. Mine is a TT Premium X, an upgrade to the TT Go 950, which was at the time the best TT Sat Nav money could buy. As an old system it provided a range of route choices, fastest, scenic, etc., and differentiated between them very clearly. The best thing however was that the most basic motorway route consistently brought back accurate results that were ultra dependable. In comparison, the TT Premium X is untrustworthy. It recommends daft and dangerous alternative routes off the motorway, then leads you back again. It takes you on dangerous dirt roads and unnecessary B roads, when all you want is to continue your journey on the main road. In a town it prefers back streets leading you into remote areas. At night these recommendations are damn right dangerous, especially where there are ditches and you have to reverse and find your way out again.

    It also lacks the variety of routes the older ones offered and a basic main or motor way one. There is no difference anyway between any of them, whether it be the fastest or shortest, other than dangerous dirt or one-way rural road detors. Furthermore, it doesn't make a jot of difference if you switch off live traffic updates, it just bangs out the same route, or if you fiddle around with any of the filters.

    My Google map is reliable. Yet I'm miffed after spending close to £300 for, as you say for a pile of poo, that in the end I'm forced to use the smaller screen of a mobile phone. I'm going to dedicate the remainder of my life to warn consumers of the uselessness of TT navigation devices and the impossibility of getting in touch with TT customer care. Not a company to do business with. Be warned!
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,996
    HI @Jason56hendy

    It is disappointing to note that you have been a member of this Forum since October and that this is your first post. You have not raised the difficulties you say you are having with examples of start and finish points so that others can see if they can replicate the problems you are indicating and possibly offer a resolution..

    You say you understand the grievance expressed by @silvergb. It should be noted that in his post he asked whether anyone had had similar experiences and when asked for some information by @RoadRider he has not responded nor has he ever posted again. In his case he refers to a route between Narbeth (Should read Narberth I think as Narbeth is not recognised) and Newport Gwent. My Go 5200, which has similar maps to the ones on your device, recommends between the centres of both places Redstone Road to the A40 then A48/M40 until the turn off on to the A48 into the middle of Newport. There is no suggestion of Farm Tracks and not answering the question that was raised does nothing to try and help answer his problem or provide information for Tomtom to enable them to look into the matter.

    Regarding your inability to contact Tomtom if you scroll to the bottom of their webpages, including this one, and click on Contact Us under Support then you can scroll through the questions to help identify what product you are referring to etc and with you model will be able to finish up with a webpage showing the required telephone number, Email contact and Chat facility. Indeed if you Type Phone Number in the Search option at the top of this page the first result is a link to a Post with the worldwide Tomtom Customer Support numbers with details of when they are open to calls.

    It is up to you to decide whether you want assistance to get the best results from your device which is usually achieved by asking for help from the many other TT customers who are members of this forum.

  • Jason56hendyJason56hendy Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
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    Hi @DougLap, thank you for your response. This is my first post because until then I used an older TT and was, to a degree, perfectly happy with it. I upgraded by default because annoyingly TT satellite support ended for it. But that's beside the point. The internet, both in the UK and the US, is actually full of unhappy customers reporting the inaccuracies and miss-mapping of routes of the newer TT navigational devices compared to the older models.

    My new TT Premium X is being used in exactly the same way as my previous Go 950, in and around the region where I live, and across the UK. It returns completely different results along the lines I stated above. For example, from the M5 around Bristol heading to Cornwall and the A30, the latest map will suggest alternatives off the motor way and later from the A road into rural settings only to lead you back onto the principal route, which isn't what you want. Now in my device, the choice of routes is only Shortest, Fastest, Eco-Friendly, Walking or Bicycle with filters to "avoid on every route," etc. On my TT 950, I had other choices. I'd be interested to know what choices you have because, in theory, if our maps are the same, it doesn't matter where we are in the country a simple straightforward plotting of a main route (which is the default in Google Maps or my old TT device) should be the same for everyone, unless an alternative had been chosen in settings.

    I have tried unsuccessfully contacting TT to discuss the matter but with no luck. I have delayed posting on this thread because I've only owned the Premium X since May 2019 and I wanted to experiment with it, as and when I made car journeys. Even in my little town in Cornwall, instead of navigating through the one main road leading through it, the TT suggests deviations into back roads where you can get stuck!! Bizarre. Fortunately I know the routes. Can you imagine if I didn't and I was relying on the device to give a sensible map plan? Sadly, that is exactly what happens in unfamiliar areas when I test the new Premium X device with Google Maps on my mobile!

    Unfortunately it's often the case people don't follow up posts because inevitably sympathy doesn't fix poor function. I shall persevere with contacting TT, as you suggest, but a map is a map and unless mine and others reporting similar discrepancies are Monday lemons it's hard to see how the problem can go away. Meanwhile, I'd be interested to know what options for routes you have in your settings, if it's not too much trouble. I feel my TT is missing the choice of a basic motorway one or at least a 'main road' specification.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,996
    Hi @Jason56hendy

    Have you tried the route example I mentioned and do you get the same result. In case you are not sure when you do a Search and select Narberth and it appears with a marker on the map and the word Drive tap the 3 vertical dots next to Drive and a sub menu offers you the option to select the search result as at the Start Point.. You then do a normal search and select Drive when you get the result and it produces a route between the 2 points.

    Re settings mine are as follows

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Route Planning

    When a faster route is available I have selected Ask me so I can choose.

    Always Plan this type of route Fastest Route selected

    Avoid on every Route.

    Unpaved Routes and Carpool Lanes Selected so Blue the others have the button at the Left of the slot and so not selected.

    The other options are Motorways, Tool Roads, Ferries /Car shuttle,Tunnels and Country Borders.

    So based on those choices the device should include Motorways if it deems that is the fastest way to go.

  • Jason56hendyJason56hendy Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    edited February 2020
    Hi @DougLap,

    Thanks for your settings, I use the same ones. I haven't experimented with your route; it's one thing to try another route you don't use and another to manage expectations in areas you are familiar with. Trust of Sat Nav devices builds out from there. As I said previously I'm comparing two TT devices, where the newer has changed its suggestions and now offers, less convenient mapping alongside a third control device (Google Maps), which behaves more like the former, older TT device. I've fiddled with settings until I'm blue in the face but nothing changes; not that there is much to choose from.

    There are a couple of routes in and out of my local area which I use. I'll make exact notes of the alternatives suggested by the TT Premium X and will try contacting TT CC via the Chat, which I've avoided so far, because of the long-winded communication method. In time I'll report back. Thanks for your help.

    VOICE CONTROL: On another note, while you're there... Is there a way of using voice control and reducing the time lapse after "Hello Tom Tom?" The Premium X takes about three seconds & is staccato when it finally responds. Siri & Alexa, in comparison, is instant. Is this your experience?
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,996
    Hi @Jason56hendy

    Voice control is not as efficient as Siri or Alexa and I don't bother with it. It is very susceptible to other noises in the vehicles as you try to use it and so it Cana take a few attempts to get nth e result you want.

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