How do I access TomTom Traffic on my Go 520 after updating to iOS 13.1.2?

Frustrated with Tomtom
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I've updated the TomTom software as instructed but Traffic will not work on my device after iOS 13.1.2
PLease can someone help?!


  • deepanshus77
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    how does the iPhone IOS version matter with the Live Traffic ? I think there was some issue with the service, i was not able to connect to live traffic as well for past few days, only today the device was connected to TomTom Services.

  • DustBoy23
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    OS 13 seems to have broken the app, traffic and smart message no longer works on my phone and GO.
  • Graham1958
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    Only have a black screen now on my iPhone for MyDrive after up dating to 13.1.2 . I have emailed Tom Tom and they still haven’t answered.
  • iSybje
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    Same here. Having the latest iOS-version (13.1.2) on my iPhone 6s and since a couple of days, the Traffice Services are not reached anymore, but the connection is very dynamic at the moment because sometimes, it is connecting. I'm using the iPhone as a WiFi-hotspot to connect the TomTom GO 520. Bluetooth is only used for handsfree-calling.
    The status on the Tom states that it's connected to the WiFi hotspot, but not to the Traffic Services. I'm listing Internet Radio & podcasts during my travels, therefore the mobile internet connection is good. IMHO, there is something at the TomTom-side not working OK. Using Waze now, but that keeps babbling through my music....
  • dmulv
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    @Frustrated with Tomtom - the latest iOS has changed how it handles Bluetooth connections, which is causing problems with the pairings used by the Go. Have you tried carrying out all of the steps listed here?
  • CEEaton
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    I have downloaded all the updates on my satnav. I have updated my iPhone 7 to ios 13.1.2
    Connection between my phone & satnav for traffic, messages etc was ropey at best before.
    Now, it will not connect for traffic at all.
    I’ve deleted the app on my phone & reinstalled it.
    I’ve deleted the phone from my satnav & added it back on again.
    I’ve deleted the satnav from my Bluetooth list on my phone.
    The Bluetooth will connect the phone & satnav for hands free calls & smart phone messages, but not for traffic which is the bit I need for my job.
    When this is a fundamental sales aspect for a device, why is its service so bad? And why after all the reported issues on here does it continue to remain so?
    When & how can this be fixed?
  • DougLap
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    Hi @CEEaton

    There is another IOS update ie 13.1.3.

    Try a Factory Reset and see if that helps.

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Reset Device.

    Make sure your My Places and any Poi and route files are on in your account by logging into your account on the My Drive Website. If they are there then they should sync back to the unit after the reset.

  • CEEaton
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    Tried that & still no further forward. Tweeting hasn’t got me anywhere either🙇🏼‍♀️
  • NB1945
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    Using iPhone 6s with go 620. Latest problem after reset of both phone and Tom Tom advised by Tom Tom is.... using phone hotspot and Bluetooth and MyDrive installed - I have no traffic or MyDrive ( unit says not available- app says device not in range! ) I deleted app and reinstalled but did not sign in, I now have TRAFFIC/MYDRIVE & BLUETOOTH showing connected but wi-fi not!!? All works and phone shows a device connected to hotspot but the 620 still says not. If I then sign into MYDRIVE, I then lose traffic and MyDrive says not connected!! Confused , I am , and going round in circles with support who don’t seem to understand my problem and just keep suggesting resetting everything constantly. So for now it works but not how it should if I follow the rules of connecting.
  • mooski07
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    traffic info never worked on my 520 or 620 since telstra discontinued their service... however upgraded to a samsung s9 and on many occasions through support set up traffic.. works ok in lounge room and occasionally up to 4 kms up the road.. I have given up trying to obtain and use this service and admitted defeat
  • Ditheduck
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    Same issue here.
    Tried everything, no help from Tom tom