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Hi, I am looking to buy a SatNav and toying between the Essential, Premium and one from a competitor. I am mainly interested in traffic alerts and notifications and wondering will this work without planning a route. I will be using it for commuting and know my route but would like to have the unit on to show any potential traffic on route.

Also would like to hear your experiences on your TomTom Essential/Premium units please to help make up my mind.

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    The TomTom Premium has a build in SIM card an doesn't need your phone's 4G connection for traffic information.
    With the TomTom Essential you need to setup the MyDrive app and a Bluetooth connection to your Phone for traffic information.

    Without planning a Route you can see the traffic information on your screen. (orange and red lines on the road) It is better to plan a route so TomTom calculates faster alternatives. TomTom Traffic is the best on the market and saves me a lot of time.

    I use TomTom traffic always during rush hours. Tom tom has "Drive Home" and "Drive to Work" buttons to make route planning very easy.

    Also with "My Places" you can add favorite places both on our device or on you PC with MyDrive Web. When I have to go to a appointment I like to add the address to "My Places" using my PC.

    Sadly TomTom doesn't make motorcycle navigation with a build in sim so I have to use my Phone. My advice go Premium.