Corrupted Europe file

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I am trying to load the Europe file on my GO6000 and I am being told that the file is corrupted and the upload is failing. I have tried the repair option and it is not working. What do I need to do to resolve this


  • VikramK
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    Hi @JDominique

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    Could you try installing a very small map of Venezuela to the internal memory?

    Once done remove any other maps which are installed. Do a soft reset and check for updates.

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    Hi @JDominique

    As you say that you have a GO6000 which does not have lifetime maps I am assuming @VikramK has added the small map to your account.

    When you have resolved your problem do not delete the map from your device. By leaving it on your internal memory should you have a problem when updating your main map and it becomes corrupt or is lost the small map will enable you to operate the device normally. This means you can reinstall the main map and not get into the no maps situation.

    For the full European Map you will need to have a micro SD class 10 card installed size 16gb or Max 32gb. As the map will not fit on the internal memory.

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