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I have tomtom truck and used for my camper very successfully,I paid and had both metric and imperial darth Vader voice put on it so I can use when in Europe. I just purchased a go camper to replace my old snooper unit and I can't find how or where to purchase darth Vader voice!!!.?.
I know voices I purchased are for one unit only but is there any way I can transfer metric voice to my new unit or purchase again ?.
I find the tomtom site so irritating that it will not allow me to contact tomtom via email just sends me around in circles looking for answers that are just not there.
2nd point I have 4 tomtom of various types 2 of which are wifi update other 2 are 6000 and truck model is there any way to get my places from all four devices to sink and transfer to all units?. The wifi ones do but not the other 2 ?


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    Hi @gaztex

    Sorry for the late reply..

    I have activated the voices for the other two devices. When the device will be connected to a WiFi network the voices should be available under downloads.

    With regards to syncing places it should be the same for GO 6000 and the TRUCKER as they all support cloud-backup and restore.

    As long as all the 4 are under the same account I don't see why there could be a problem with sync. Could you do a factory reset and log in again to MyDrive on the device.

    Main menu- Settings- System- Reset device

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