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  • johndaly55
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    I have had this not enough memory issue for some time and cannot load updates. My Europe map fills the main memory without enough freem space. can you change my map allocation. i have always had a memory card instakled which shows as being formatted for maps.

  • DougLap
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    Hi @johndaly55

    If you add a Micro SD class 10 card to your GO600 and Format it on the unit for maps then when you update your current Europe map it will load on the Extra memory. A 16gb or max 32gb card from a major brand is recommended.

    Alternatively if you go into My Drive Connect and with your unit connected select My Contents you should see the map you have on the unit listed. If you tap on the map picture you should get some smaller map options that are now being offered. Select the smaller European map that fits your needs and process that to replace the current map on the unit.

    The latter is only necessary if you don’t want the full European map.

  • johndaly55
    johndaly55 Registered Users Posts: 9
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    Thanks I will have a go.