search for street names not useful anymore

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strange behaviour i cannot figure out since last map update a week ago:

search for a street name used to work even if i only put in partial name
only. that specially makes sense in foreign countries.

example, i have the following street names hidden in the maps data base:

1 - Blvd. Alexander The Great
2 - Alexa Street
3 - Ul. Rogosh

A * searching for ALEX would result in 1 and 2

B * searching for ALEXANDER would result in 1

C * searching for ROGOSH results in nothing,
even just the R already defaults to NO STREETS FOUND and CITY CENTRE
same with A or D or most other letters

D * searching for UL ROG comes up with 3

C makes no sense to me. very often one has only part of the street name,
and simply not the BLVD or UL or whatever before or after. how, as a foreigner
to a city, would i know if ROGOSH is a BLVD, an UL, an ALLEY or a simple street?

any idea what is going wrong here?

same problem in several countries, tried austria, hungary, bulgaria.

any idea, tip, workaround most welcome.

greetings - heinz