TomTom GO Mobile App for Android Head Unit

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I have an Android Head Unit running Android 6.0. I just downloaded the TomTom application and map. Set up a bunch of places I frequent. Whats happening is that when I jump between the map and the menu (setup, display, routes, etc..) several times the screen doesn't seem to refresh properly and it begins to fill from the bottom up. For instance, if I have a map displayed and hit menu, do something and then go back to the map and repeat that sequence several times the screen begins to fill from the bottom until the menu selections are no longer visible. Only way I can find out of this is to exit the program and reload it. It's fine then until I bounce back and forth between the map and menu again a few times and the same thing happens. Has anyone else seen this and is there a workaround?

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    Dit you install the Go Mobile app on a phone?

    Head units are not supported. (And manny cheap head units have this problem)
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    Hmmm, well that blows. The app was installed directly on the Android head unit. Would be awesome and was very pleased with setting up routes, etc. Then the goofy screen refresh issues cropped up. I could probably avoid it well enough but don't know if I want to spend the money on a subscription. I hate to use Google Maps or anything Google if I can avoid it and want something I can navigate with even when there is no cellular coverage. I still have an older Garmin that works but it seems silly to have two devices. I'll try some other workarounds.