How do the SIM models connect? eg GPRS/3G/4G?

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What system do the SIM models use to connect eg. GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G?

The last SIM model I had a few years ago was worse than useless as the GPRS connection was too slow to actually provide traffic info before you were stuck in said traffic.

Obviously tomtom don't provide this info in the tech specs!


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    They have only a 2G Modul
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    Christ. I’d be surprised if this wasn’t tomtom we were talking about.
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    Hi @timmys

    Just as well as the indications are that 3g is likely to be turned off before 2g. where we are as 2g is used for other equipment such as Smart Meters.

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    Really depends where you are -- as you know, 2G has been turned off in many parts of the world including the US and Australia. TomTom's answer to this: they no longer offer devices with built-in SIMs in those areas!

    But as far as speed requirement, traffic updating does not use very much data.