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Have new car (2019 C-Max) + Ford Sync3 - trouble getting sufficient power to TomTom GO 5100

Am aware that USB outlets in modern cars are primarily for data connection and do not provide charging power at amperage requ'd by Tomtom. (I prefer Tomtom nav because it provides far more traffic info than Ford Sync3. Ford currently have problems with update system for maps and cannot say when it will be resolved!) So I have been plugging Tomtom device into cig lighter type socket, using Tomtom original USB outlet adapter rated at 1.2 amp output. But that seems to be insufficient to match current drain during a long journey - GO device dies with no warning. Have tried small Tomtom branded dual cig lighter adapter rated at 2.4 amp output on its red USB outlet (which I use on its own) - same problem. I have also tried the Tomtom bulky adapter (rated at 4.2 amp input but unrated for output) which can accept a cig lighter plug but has 2 USB outlets, one of them red - same problem. Do not think it is a battery problem in the GO device which charges readily from PC USB or phone charger connected to mains. Holding down the ON switch on the Tomtom takes me to an info screen which shows battery voltage charge. Left switched off & unused, it holds charge at or near 100% for over a week, and holds steady at 60% charge for same period - I have not tested for longer than a week.
Any ideas from experts out there? I am beginning to suspect that the cig lighter outlet on the car may have some timer which reduces or cuts its power to the cig lighter even when ignition is on and engine running. Next step might be to check thap possibility with, eg, a USB powered light which might indicate when it turns off but I do not have any such thing. I cannot think of any way of checking amperage continuously while GO device is operating and plugged into the car's cig lighter.


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    honestly, its difficult to say. It would be worth trying to use the same device on a different car model and compare the charging behavior
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    Thanks. It is regularly used in another Ford vehicle (2013) with older SYNC - it charges and runs perfectly from the USB port on that car, which I think is geared to provide charging current. I think newer models have a USB socket more geared to data use and with much less power for charging. No objection to using the cig socket, but I am quite unable to understand why that seems to provide too little power.

    Have tried asking Ford - they refer me to local dealer, local dealer refers me to Ford..............

    No solution yet - Grateful for any other bright ideas!
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    Did you try using any of the cigarette-lighter chargers that failed in your new vehicle in the old 2013 ford?
    As it sounds like the socket in your new Ford is not making contact continually :(
    Do any of the chargers have a tel-tail light showing the they are actually charging?
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    Is the Tomtom Power Adapter a tight sliding fit in the power socket ???
    Some uses have reported some cars having none standard oversize power sockets and the power adapter loses contact

    If you are worrying about the device charging, you might consider one of these gadgets

    Simply plug the device into the USB socket and plug your lead into the USB Doctor, the device will display the Voltage and Power being used by your various USB devices
    I have one of each type they're only peanuts to buy, search Amazon/eBay for USB Doctor

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    Many thanks to both Niall & Yamfazman. Had already ordered an inline USB meter, due on Sat so will be able to learn more both about leads used to connect, and output from both USB and cig lighter sockets - and battery capacity. Yes, one cig lighter adapter does have power LED and have tried that but now need long journey in dark to see it. Tks - will report news of any progress, but not there yet I'm afraid
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