New TomTom GO Mobile app 1.17.9 available for Android

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Hi All,

We've started rolling out new version 1.17.9 of GO Mobile app for Android to small percentage of users.

What's New:

-Android 10 Support

I'll keep you posted here once we release this for all.

Thanks, lampard


  • lneam
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    new version 1.17.9 has also

    What's New:
    - 64 bit support libraries
  • Erik65
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    How's the support for aftermarket head units coming along?
  • trainingman
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    hi i'm testing your android app .....
    when i planned a trip and i make an error by driving my car the app recalculate a new trip but without any sound....... there is a solution for make a sound when the app recalculate a new trip ?
  • tgold
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    Do you have a voice chosen and spoken directions turned on? If so then soon after making the error you should hear new instructions that would get you back en route to your destination. But there is no particular message about "recalculation".
  • trainingman
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    yes i hear the new instructions but i think a message about recalculation or "ding" like google maps do is a better idea.....
  • Asprin
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    If you know you made a mistake by missing an exit you will have to do a u-turn or go to the next exit to get back to the correct exit or let the app recalculate another way to go.

    The key here is you know you missed your turn. Do you need to have the app tell you it is recalculating a new route or getting you back by a u-turn????

    The app does what it needs to do.

    I have missed the an exit a couple of times but always got my destination with no problems at all.
  • benwillcox
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    I updated to this version a couple of days ago and noticed a couple of problems.
    When a route is calculated and I start driving, previously it would go immediately to turn-by-turn navigation. Now the 'Let's Go' button just sits at the top, and I have to press that to activate turn-by-turn navigation.
    Also, the current speed display at the bottom of the screen no longer appears.
    Anyone else seen this?

  • trainingman
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    hi i have installed the latest version tom tom go android and i have a problem with mi Xtrons car radio with android 8.1 i don't use the original italian computer voice " silvia " i make a video:

    i try all but i can't use the original one....... i have this problem only with the computer voice....... the registred one is ok........ but don't read the name of the street......... i try to cancel and re download the silvia computer voice but it make that sound......( if i select it in navigation mode i have the same distorted sound........ )
    is there a solution ?
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