New TomTom GO Navigation app 2.0.2 available for iOS

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Hi All,

Yesterday, we released version 2.0.2 of the TomTom GO Navigation app.

What’s New in v2.0.2:
Please note that for Carplay, you must update the the app to version 2.0.2 if your iOS device has latest iOS 13.

Thanks, lampard


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    Couple of comments:

    - I tested the app with iOS13 and my car this morning. Looks like only Apple's Maps app supports a kind of windowed view of the navigation, so playing music/podcasts is shown as well. Do you know if this is a restriction of Apple ?
    - Still no MyDrive and storing routes support.
    - Still no indication of delays, traffic jams or a traffic bar like on the iPhone screen itself or for regular PNDs.
    - Still no option to update All downloaded maps or the maps of country when there are sub-maps.
    - You can indeed have the app on your car's display and on your phone's screen another app, like iOS13 supports.
    - Still a hard limit on the number of Places/Favorites. Why is this ?
    - Downloading/updating maps looks more stable. I can now one by one update the maps without a crash.

    BUG: maps still loose their update / ready for download indicator when you download maps inside a folder of a particular country (so with more maps). So e.g. you download maps for France, go to Italy and no update indicators anymore. Happens not always btw. You solve this by going back to the main menu and try again.
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    So why still no My Routes? Whats the point of using the excellent MyDrive app if you cant access My Routes? Please can you give an explanation of what the problem is here? I know its in Android apps, so its clearly Apple related. Is this ever likely to be delivered?
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    Hi @lampard

    Thanks for the update, whilst any improvement is appreciated there are a lot of things that are still outstanding, here are just a few:
    • MyPlaces search facility not working
    • No URL Scheme
    • Distances shown with fractions not decimal when using miles as units
    • Alternating remaining time/distance when both should have unique location for safety
    • Next instruction isn’t shown until with 2 miles, it needs to be shown all the time and count down, even if initially over 99 miles away.
    • Red letters and numbers on black background hard to read

    Please don't say that any of the above is iOS related because the UK and Europe TomTom app v1.29 was able to do all of the above and even show custom POIs on the map and navigation screen!

    Surely most if not all of the above are recognised by everybody (including TomTom) as relevant improvements but also are easily implemented with minimal coding updates.

    TomTom GO is now in its 4th year, and therefore it should be a fully developed and mature app. However it still has less functionality than its predecessor. :/

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    Will the speed shown on Carplay now be accurate? Go works perfectly on the phone but on display in my Ford, the speed shown looks like it is in miles, not kms. All devices are set to show km/h.

    This makes Go practically useless for me. Together with the absence of the traffic info bar, I will not renew my subscription.
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