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What happened to my subscription?

JC_AUJC_AU Posts: 17 [Outstanding Explorer]
I upgraded my phone. I logged in to the new one using the same email address, it accepted my password. On my old phone my unlimited navigation subscription lasts until 14/04/2020. On my new one it's saying 21/10/2019.

What happened to my subscription?

Also, how do I transfer "My Places" across? Don't tell me I have to re-add them all manually. I'm sure I didn't do that for that many locations originally. Surely I didn't.


  • JC_AUJC_AU Posts: 17 [Outstanding Explorer]
    It appears patience is a virtue. 5+ minutes after signing in isn’t enough. Another 5+ minutes, and a few restarts of the app, my “My Places” finally synced as did my subscriptions.

    I’m amazed how long it took, but all OK now.
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