TomTom AmiGO - Own the road. Share the experience - Now in Beta for Android

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TomTom AmiGO is a new TomTom application that provides drivers with road and traffic warnings powered by the community and verified by TomTom. This app will eventually be provided as a free update to the TomTom Speed Camera app, however at the moment it’s only taking its first steps towards adding online navigation, in our Android open beta program.

Building on the popularity and success of TomTom Speed Cameras, which provided drivers with speed camera and traffic warnings, TomTom AmiGO is our incubator for developing online turn-by-turn navigation. So at the moment, we are really in the early stages compared to other TomTom products. For example, currently there is no MyDrive functionality or advanced navigation features. These are all things we will add in the future, however for now we’re just at the building blocks.

In the short-term, we will repackage TomTom Speed Cameras as TomTom AmiGO, emphasizing the app's benefit to commuters and drivers who already know the most efficient routes to their destinations but need real-time road and traffic information along the way. In the long-term we will build upon the navigation features to provide more value for all users.

Want to join?
Although intended for Speed Camera app users, if you have an Android phone, be sure to join in!
  1. Click Here to Become an Open Beta Tester, and click on Become a Tester.
  2. Update the Speed Camera App from the Play Store.


  • Hwalker2
    Hwalker2 Registered Users Posts: 20
    Master Explorer
    You tell me to leave comments on the AmegaGo channel. I log into it but there is nowhere to leave any feedback.
    How exactly do I leave feedback. This app is totally none logical to use.
  • Jürgen
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    Community Manager
    Hi @Hwalker2

    I'm not sure what's going wrong here. Once you register on you should be brought to our Slack channel with an text field "Message #open-beta-feedback" where you can leave your comments. Several members of the team who are working on the AmiGO app are on that channel.

    Alternatively you can leave your feedback in the PlayStore. We are also gathering any feedback there.

    Or you can just leave your feedback here on our forum. This forum board is also monitored by the AmiGO team.

  • Dwarsligger1
    Dwarsligger1 Registered Users Posts: 1
    New Traveler
    Just startet yousing the "new" Amigo flitser app.
    First things looking good. Map by day light is a bit "light".
    It is workable but in the future would be nice to have a way to change in it in another "look". Night maps are looking good.
    When you use navigation, it would be nice to have a way to use a home button and a work button. Now you have to typ the complete adres all the time.
    Further on it's looking good.
  • G0jdk
    G0jdk Registered Users Posts: 1
    Apprentice Seeker
    I have used tom tom speed camera app for a good while in my job as van driver and found it really good.
    Amigo seems to be the next step forward once all the systems have been added.
    Street names need to be added to map and I can't seem to get it to warn me verbally when entering a 30 mph limit etc it will however sound the warning.
    Obviously map colours and other voices etc will be added later with the next upgrades.
  • YR-OVI
    YR-OVI Registered Users Posts: 1
    New Traveler
    Please make possible to tap on the map 2D then to go there as a destination. There is no other option other than full address. Also move the two buttons from lower left to upper left for a much nicer balanced view. Also the font for the next maneuver need to be bigger. Integration of MY DRIVE will be good to have addresses saved, and routing preferences, like toll roads etc
  • Hekar
    Hekar Registered Users Posts: 34
    Renowned Wayfarer
    I miss a simple Exit/Close button for the app. As it is now, frequently it won't exit/close properly but remain open in the background.
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