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I connected my XL up in order to update it, I must admit I haven't used it in a number of years and it has sat in the attic awaiting ressurection. I had this message pop up saying my system was no longer supported... now I may well be a little behind the times here as it seems there are a few disgruntled individuals dating back a number of years, however, no-one cared to mention it? I then had an advert offering me either 20 or 30 % off my next purchase. I checked my memory on the system and out of the 1gb it has used up about 250mb. fair bit of memory there to go. the thing that irritated me somewhat is that it said there were 26 updates to do but when I clicked on it the message said none found.
so how do I update it to the last available updates, or is it a case of having a mere relic of when tomtom was really a thing?
My guess is that with google and IOS offering premium products for free on smart phones that tomtom is now becoming relegated to the likes of friends reunited, something in the past that people used to do but time being what it is has moved on.
I must say that given the surprise of being left out of the loop, one does not feel particularly inclined to purchase more products, the money for doing so could go toward purchasing a different gadget that will offer free maps indefinitely.
Anyhoo, whinge over, is there any way I can collect my 26 updates or do I just bury it in a time capsule for unwitting future generations to ponder over it's purpose?
It would be a shame to bin it as I programmed it to use my grandchildren's faces as vehicles rather than the arrows normal people have.


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    They used to run some mails and articles here, about those End of Life devices. They provide no further support.

    Their new devices (since around spring 2013) come with free lifetime maps and since around 2015, even with free traffic.