Phantom Roadworks or an unnecessary diversion? - using Go 6250

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I was travelling Southbound down the A1 (M) on Friday 13th / early hours of Saturday 14th circa 2am intending to exit at Junction 3 when the Go 6250 told me to exit the A1 (M) at Junction 9 and indicated to go on the A505 back towards Baldock which puzzled me as that would be going back on ourselves; as Baldock was directly North of our location ???

Not wanting to be unnecessarily diverted for ~30 minutes, I stopped on the slip road leading to the exit roundabout (luckily no other cars) and first looked at where it was going to be directing me and saw it was going to eventually take me back on the A1 (M) at Junction 8.

The Go 6250 also indicated there was road works on the slip road ahead leading back to the A1 (M). I cautiously travelled around the roundabout and saw the slip road was open with no roadworks, so I ignored the Go 6250 and continued back on the A1 (M) which was clear and open…………………. No roadworks! ;)

The Go 6250 also attempted to get me to exit at Jct 8 which I also ignored and I continued down the A1 (M) without any further issues.

I noticed the Go 6250 was also indicating that roadworks were in operation in several areas on the opposite carriageway as I continued down the A1 (M).

I contacted Highways England later to confirm if there had been any roadworks or closures that night and was told on checking that no closures, roadworks were in operation or planned for the A1 (M) from Jct 10 to 6 North or Southbound............

I was lucky that I knew the area and was able to stop and check, otherwise I would have been diverted for no reason whatsoever.

So is TomTom starting to report phantom roadworks again as was occurring some time ago?

Or is my Go 6250 adding to its increasing list of random issues which includes:
  • losing traffic services mid-journey
  • voice directions stopping mid-journey
  • random speed cameras intermittently being reported
  • plus of course I still get random ALG announcements! ;)