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I have the same issue. I had the watch untouched on a table for 1 week and then this happened. I read here same thing happened to somebody too after a period of non-active time. It seems the watch does not like not doing any sports :disappointed:
  • Factory reset did not solve (a bit clearer for some hours maybe)
  • Getting worse and worse as time goes (some days)
  • No solution or recommendation found on the internet
  • A replacement guide here: but no one knows where to buy the parts...
  • This pic shows the best condition right after a factory reset.


  • tfarabaugh
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    The watch is dead. The screen is gone and TomTom Sports does not offer a repair service. They went out of business almost two years ago and ceased all production and development and severely curtailed support. Unless it is under warranty (which is unlikely) it is time to move on to another brand.
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    My Spark 3 was warranty replaced in May due to the battery issue! Now I have a new one that is going through this same screen glitching issue. I did the factory reset and no change! I use my watch a lot. I can't believe that it didn't even last 6 months!!! And now I can't connect with anyone at support!
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    Hi @adoehring2

    Welcome to the Community! You can get in touch with the support via email or chat, see the link here:

    Regards, lampard